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The Dubin Clinic – Los Angeles

The hallmark of mild traumatic head injury, on the “EEG level of analysis” is excessive “sleepy” slow waves amplitudes; an indication the brain is literally “putting itself to sleep” to help prevent seizure or further disorganization. This, in turn, is the hallmark of a “stuck” brain that has lost flexibility in how it mobilizes and appropriately directs brain energy. Even the best traditional neurofeedback is notoriously slow in addressing this problem; it is well known it can take so many sessions that the more impulsive clients give up in disgust.  Fast forward to the use of EEG-guided, ultra-low energy brain stimulation. Over the last 20 years we have seen this technology cut treatment times in half, or less! We have seen it work where other more traditional neurofeedback approaches have failed. Here is the science; stubborn, treatment resistant slow waves are invariably “phase locked”, meaning that the excessive slow waves oscillate in time together, increasing the voltage involved and making it resistant to change.

The EEG-driven Stimulation (EDS) approach is designed to directly break up the uniform timing of these pathological brainwaves so that the “stuckness” disappears and the brain can begin to function normally again. Fast forward again to now, we have a new and improved “second generation” version of EDS technology that appears to address stuck brainwave patterns as found in head injury, PTSD, ADHD, depression and some addictions. This technology is called HPN “High Performance Neurofeedback”. In my clinical experience it is faster, more robust, and more devoid of side effects than anything that has come before it.

Retired NFL Player

14 Seasons Offensive Lineman

generic Seroquel prices Why did you go for treatment?

I went to treatment because I’ve been experiencing memory loss, irritability and anxiety and

memory loss. There are many times when I would forget the easiest things that would come natural to me like appointments and where I was the day or week before. I’m a speaker and I would be talking and constantly lose my train of thought. That never used to happen. I’m easily irritated and short fused with people; a big change considering I’m usually a low key and patient person.

follow site What changes did you notice?   

The improvement I’m experiencing from my treatments is I’m more relaxed and do not jump at everything that bothers me, especially at home and while coaching kids at my private camp.

My wife noticed over the past several years how irritable and angry I have become, especially when I used to be so even keeled and laid back. It has been a trial for us and our marriage because of my short fuse. She claims I have symptoms of depression and bad mood swings. Since treatment started she has noticed some changes to the positive on my irritability and mood swings.

Retired NFL Player

9 Seasons Safety

source Why did you go for treatment?

Memory difficulties – I am the Color Analyst for University of XXX football program. At the

conclusion of a game, I have extreme difficulty remembering the score, opponent, quarterback, etc. At the end of the 2013 football season I could only recall 4 of the 12 opponents we played that year with certainty that when asked.  Beyond the current football season I will remember a “spectacular” play by a USF player but find it difficult identifying if the play occurred in 2000, 2005, or 2010.

Sleep difficulties – I struggle to sleep more than 4 hours nightly. I will normally fall asleep around 11:00 PM and wake up around 1:30 PM. From there I toss and turn and have anxious thoughts that make it hard to fall back asleep. Maybe around 6:00 AM or so I will dose off until 7:30 AM when I arise for the day.

What changes did you notice?

Alertness enhanced – While driving home after my initial treatment (7:00 PM) I called a good friend of mine and realized I was acting “giddy/happy” while we talked. Normally late in the day I am usually tired, mellow, and ready to relax at the end of the day. That night I stayed up late because I felt kind of “amped” up.

Longer sleep – The night after my first treatment, I later slept 7 hours straight! However the next few days I returned to my normal sleep patterns. After my second treatment, I have been sleeping nearly 7 hours a night. When I do awaken nightly I am able to fall back asleep shortly thereafter.

I can read again! This one is a little weird but exciting. I noticed after my second treatment that I could read long articles in the newspaper without getting overwhelmed, tired, or frustrated. This could be specific to me but it is difficult for me to read long, tightly spaced articles/books without trying to just skim through pages instead. I feel like the treatments helped eliminate cluttered letters on the page helping me better process the words.

Wider scope – The final thing I feel I have noticed from my initial treatments is a wider visual scope. I do not think is related to better vision rather an enhanced peripheral awareness? Almost as if my brain over time narrowed in scope and the treatments allowed me to better widen my thoughts of peripheral variables?

My first treatment I was aware immediately of an alert feeling but did seems to disappear after a day or so. I did have a short-lived pain behind my eyes after first treatment and a mild burning sensation behind my eyes (like your eyes after swimming in a pool) after my second treatment. That pain disappeared after twenty minutes or so later the day of my treatment.

My initial thoughts of the treatments are pleasantly surprised. My biggest concern is whether the treatment benefits will last over time.

Retired NFL Player

9 Seasons

Why did you go for treatment?

Depression due to memory problems and physical pain difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep, forgetfulness, inability to relax and trouble getting comfortable at night “My mind won’t turn off.

What changes did you notice?   

I’m already experiencing a change more relaxed and aware. It kicked in from the first treatment and lasted I felt ability to relax.  My wife has noticed I am now much more relaxed and more alert and that I finally have a desire to get better. If I go the distance with this treatment I feel it could have a long lasting effect.

Retired NFL Player

9 Seasons Running Back

Why did you go for treatment?

I am experiencing what they tell me are all of the classic symptoms of progressive CTE, forgetfulness, headaches, anxiety, , inability to relax, something not right, depressed, angry, withdrawn and tired a lot

What changes did you notice?  

I am being treated at least twice daily by Dr. George Rozelle and I have seen initial improvements and definite changes. Since being treated with HPN I have better sleep patterns and memory improvement. I am blessed and very grateful for this treatment. I look forward to continuous changes with more treatment.

Retired NFL Player

8 Seasons Offensive Lineman

Why did you go for treatment?

ADD, forgetfulness, headaches, anxiety, joint pain, inability to relax, nerve pain. A dysfunctional pituitary.

What changes did you notice?  

I’m already experiencing a change. ADD has slowed down I’m able to relax some. Brenda has noticed I’ve calmed down some and can relax.

First time it took an hour to kick in and lasted for half a day, felt ability to relax.  The second time lasted 3 days, had a calming effect.  It’s been progressing more and more each time.

Terry Wayne Norris

Welterweight Champion

I saw initial improvements in my first few sessions, my memory and speech improved, I am being treated at least twice weekly by Dr. Dubin and seeing very beneficial changes, I am very grateful for this treatment, I saw after being treated with HPN improvements in my sleep patterns, memory and speech and I look forward to continuous changes with more treatment.

George Rozelle, Ph.D

BCN, Senior Fellow Diplomate in QEEG and Neurotherapy – Mind-Spa

As a practicing neurotherapist for the past 24 years I have examined and/or used virtually every system on the market and I am not easily impressed with new systems. However, I am impressed with the HPN Neurologic low energy neurofeedback system. I started using HPN to research its applicability with former NFL players, but have also used it in my general clinical practice with impressive results. My clients typically feel a difference after the first treatment session. It is user friendly and effective. I recommend it for both experienced neurotherapists and those who are starting out.

Meg Stuppy

Brainwave Technologist Cerebrum Centers NY and LA

A certified technician in Brainwave Optimization, certified clinician in High Performance Neurofeedback (HPN), and a certified emergency medical technician, I also holds a BA in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. I became interested in neurofeedback as an alternative to taking medication to treat depression.

The HPN High Performance Neurofeedback system tracks the brainwave (EEG) and sends directly back to the brain tiny, imperceptible, ultra-low power signals that result in changes toward a more highly functioning brainwave pattern. In this way, the brain seems to learn new patterns of behavior and becomes de-habituated from “stuck” patterns. No medication needed.

HPN is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, computer and sound-based technology designed to help the brain bring itself to greater balance and harmony. HPN is a brainwave-based biofeedback that has shown promise in addressing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, addiction, attention deficit issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

After only acquiring HPN a few months ago I have seen increased revenues and now use it on at least 16-20 patients per week.

Patient Testimonials

Treatment for Anxiety

For years I’ve dealt with severe anxiety and depression, and neither prescription nor natural treatments provided relief. The HPN treatment has absolutely changed my life, the way I feel on a daily basis, and incredibly enough has increased my daily mood and overall level of

happiness. The best word I had for this was magic. This is a revolutionary treatment I would recommend to anyone desperately seeking relief for chronic anxiety.

– Jon Montgomery

After doing neurofeedback, I no longer fear being overwhelmed. Having suffered from anxiety for some time, I used to feel like I was always scrambling to keep overwhelm at bay, whether it was coming from my thoughts, my feelings, or the events of life. Now, I am more at ease. I am comfortable with myself and with the world. I have the confidence to explore and stretch the boundaries of my capabilities. I trust in my ability to handle what comes my way.

– Aaron C



I was knocked unconscious for 2 hours during a sexual assault. I suffered a brain injury that left me with difficulty speaking, loss of my ability to think clearly, all sorts of short term memory problems and severe PTSD—nightmares, anxiety, afraid to go out, not wanting to be with anyone. I stayed home and didn’t work. Two years later my brain was a little clearer but I still wasn’t going out and being with people and I wasn’t working. I was told by the VA neuropsychiatric department that my brain would not get better—that I had to learn to live with where I was at. I got depressed and then angry. Then someone told me about this new treatment and my life started going forward again. My stutter went away, my sleep got better and my nightmares stopped. My memory keeps getting better and my thinking is clearer. And I’m working again. Sometimes I think about going back to the VA neuropsychiatric department and telling them they were all wrong.

– SD Licensed Social Worker

Head Trauma

A few years ago, I suffered concussions in two accidents. While my brain damage was not severe, I did experience lingering symptoms. Since undergoing HPN neurofeedback treatments with Dr. David Dubin, I have noticed an increase in mental clarity, and definite improvement in my ability to concentrate for prolonged periods of time. I feel far more relaxed and better equipped to cope with everyday stress. I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Dubin for his services.

– Frank S.

The quality of my everyday life brings me deep gratitude for this intervention. How amazing it is that my car accident/head trauma was 40 years ago, and in a few months I’ve made progress I didn’t know was possible.

– GN Licensed RN



I have a student receiving NFB, and I see major differences in her work, her mother sees changes in her attitude and most importantly, she sees the improvements in herself. Her reading comprehension and attention has improved to the point that she no longer receives special services in school in these areas. Not only has her academics improved, but her self.

– Jim Shelton Lawyer

I am 30 years old. I decided to seek out a HPN practitioner after years of struggling with a Traumatic Brain Injury I suffered at the age of 11. My symptoms were anxiety, depression, and problems with focus and concentration. It was so bad by the time I was 18 years old I began to isolate myself from family and friends. I was drowning in a world of anxiety and fear. Working with HPN has made many significant shifts in my life. I was going through so much anxiety I was smoking a pack of cigars a day just to numb the anxiety. I was at point of hopelessness and no motivation. On a scale of one to ten, I would say my anxiety was a nine. Starting with HPN I noticed sudden relief even during the first session. I could feel my nervous system calming down. After eight sessions I felt so much relief from my depression that I decided to start exercising regularly and reconnecting with friends and family. By my ten sessions I began to notice improvement in my cognition. It became easier to express my thoughts and I was spending less time searching for words to complete my sentences. This was a great confidence booster! I had been in an unhealthy relationship for over 5 years. After 3 months of weekly treatments I was feeling so much more confident that I was able to end a destructive relationship. I was able to start my life in a new and exciting direction thanks to HPN.

– Jason Costanza, RN, Director of Emergency Services, Dixon County Emergency Services



A few years ago, I suffered concussions in two accidents. While my brain damage was not severe, I did experience lingering symptoms. Since undergoing HPN there has been an increase in mental clarity, and definite improvement in my ability to concentrate. I feel far more relaxed and better equipped to cope with everyday stress. I am profoundly grateful.

– JM Sports Broadcaster


When I first paid a visit to Dr. David Dubin I could barely make it to his office, which is only about 1/2 mile from my home. I had been a pedestrian struck by a car, and now this was my life with PTSD–panic, anxiety, barely being able to go anywhere alone. I had tried everything–hypnosis, trauma healing, supplements…..nothing really worked. I even tried prescription drugs as a last resort, but they were just awful. I really thought I was going to end up in a strait jacket.

After a few treatments, I could go many more places alone without panicking. The terrible thoughts I had been experiencing started becoming less frequent. I started to feel more normal. I am so happy I found this treatment and it was just luck that I came across David. I am not quite where I want to be just yet but I am 90% better in just 2 months, which is amazing. And the more confident I become the more I venture further afield. I suffered for over a year with PTSD and would never want to experience it again. This treatment really works!”

– Lisa Emberton

I am a Retired Police Detective in Los Angeles. During my career I was awarded two Medals of Valor, The Medal for Distinguished Heroic Service, and The National Defense Medal. I spent 10 years as a Detective and Hostage Negotiator. In 2010, during an officer involved shooting, I was shot in the face. After being released from the hospital I became depressed and started having anxiety attacks, which I thought were heart attacks. My life became a total mess and I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD. My doctor took me into his office and talked to me about my situation.  I told him I did not want to take medication, that I needed another solution. My doctor told me about HPN. So I set up an appointment and in my first session I started to feel relief. Over the next 6 weeks my depression and anxiety went from a 9 or 10 with 10 being the worst until I was a 2 or 3. I was starting to have control again. I didn’t have the fear anymore of driving, going for a run, working out, eating out and socializing. It’s now been 8 months since I stopped treatment and I’m still feeling good.

– DC Retired LA County Police Detective

Anxiety & Stress

I’m married, 40 and I’m not being paid to do this, and I’m only doing it because it’s true. I’m writing because I feel compelled to talk about what the HPN treatment has done for me. I had the treatment done about a month ago and I found out about it searching online. I felt I had some issues with feeling worried, anxious or just not at peace with myself at least once a week. I just didn’t feel mentally together all the time. I never heard of this treatment before but I was open to trying to out and it has made a difference in me. The biggest thing I can tell you is I feel more focused and calm in situations where I would be anxious or nervous. Something as simple as that can be the difference in someone having a good day or not. After a month, I still feel those positive effects so hopefully it’s permanent. I think the most important thing for considering whether you want to do it or not is to realize that if you change your brain you can potentially change your life because you won’t respond to people or situations in the negative way that you might have before if you’d normally be stressed out. People’s perception of you change and this can obviously have an effect on your personal relationships and career. Its money well spent and worth every penny even if it only changes one negative thing about you but it will probably change more.

– Robert



I am 41 years old and have suffered from depression for most of my life. Over the years I have had several major episodes that nearly destroyed me. I have lost jobs, dropped out of grad school, and alienated friends all because of this horrible sadness that was always with me and often times was too painful to bear.

Over the course of three hospitalizations, numerous drug treatments, and years of therapy, I noticed some improvement at times, but the depression always returned.

So I must admit that I was skeptical when my therapist suggested that I talk with Dr. Dubin about HPN therapy. But at that point I was in such bad shape emotionally that I was game for almost anything.

Well, the results were nearly immediate for me. The only way I know to describe the effect is to say that my mind feels more solid; more locked in.

I never noticed before because I guess it was my old baseline and so how my brain felt always seemed normal to me. But after a few short weeks of treatment, I could tell that my mind has been in a cloud, just slightly out of phase with the rest of the world.

My experiences have always been filtered through this fog and my brain had to work twice as hard just to process everyday events.

No wonder I was tired all of the time! But now I am locked into phase with the rest of the world and finally I have found some rest; some relief.

My problems have not gone away, but they do not overwhelm and debilitate me anymore. I actually feel that whatever comes, I will be able to handle it.

I feel like a normal member of society rather than the cautious on-looker I have always been.

The skeptic in me can almost not believe how miraculous the effects have been, and so I hesitate to say I am cured, but if these results

continue, well I can’t think of a better way to say it. All of the possibilities of life that were always open to me, I could not enjoy because I could not engage with the world.

My depression kept me isolated. People’s misunderstanding of my illness kept me on the sidelines. At 41, I am so excited to finally get in the game. I finally get to play!’

– Phil J.