Applicant Information

  • Classification: Device, biofeedback
    510(k) Number: K971708
    Device Name : Psychological Monitoring
    Type: 510(K) Exempt
    Reg. Number: 882.50506
    Device Class: 2
  • $10,995.00
  • HPN Neurologic
    “A Leading Edge High Performance Neurofeedback Company”
    Registered Establishment Number: 3018871

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Ownership Information:

  • Applicant authorizes American Capital, its Service Providers, Banks, Financial Institutions and any credit bureau or other investigative agency engaged by American Capital to investigate, obtain and share information from time to time from any source (including, but not limited to, references listed in the Lease Application) about Applicant's credit standing and responsibility, including, but not limited to, obtaining credit reports and other financial information to evaluate this application and to review Applicant's account. By signing this Lease Application, Applicant authorizes American Capital, its affiliates, and assignees to share Applicant's credit and other information as permitted by law. The Applicant represents and warrants that the requested Lease is not for personal, family or household purposes and is solely for business and commercial purposes.