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What Is High Performance Neurofeedback? HPN High Performance Neurofeedback is a type of brainwave based biofeedback that has shown clinical efficacy in addressing the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post-Concussive Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, and Attention Deficit issues (AD/HD).

HPN is the integrative approach to neurofeedback. It is the most user friendly of neurofeedback systems and produces the fastest results. It more directly and rapidly ameliorates suffering. Patients have more freedom, clarity, vitality and ease in their lives after using HPN.

HPN improves the quality of life.

Conditions Treated

Conditions treated by HPN overlap those of traditional neurofeedback. However, it is common for a patient to plateau with traditional neurofeedback and then experience additional progress utilizing HPN. HPN is also much more efficient.

  • Emotional: Anxiety in all forms, including panic attacks, generalized anxiety, PTSD, impulse control, anger and rage.
  • Depression: Monopolar and bipolar depression.
  • Trauma: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussions, blast injuries, strokes, etc.
  • Cognitive: ADD/ADHD, some learning disabilities, cognitive deficits from stroke.
  • Misc.: Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autistic spectrum disorders and addiction.

HPN Results

Experience with HPN is significant: Over 80% of clients who are treated with HPN experience, by their own assessment, very meaningful changes. For example, more than 85% of TBI respond positively. The same is true for anxiety and PTSD.

Theses changes are generally enduring. We believe that this is naturally the result of the brain regaining a healthier homeostasis and a natural resistance to returning to a dysfunctional state.

HPN Safety

HPN is extremely safe. It uses an FDA registered EEG processor/amplifier. There is not a single known report of someone being worse off for having used HPN.

High Performance Neurofeedback is an advanced form of biofeedback that stimulates the brain to reset itself for optimal functioning.

What Clients & Doctor Are Saying About HPN

  • “I saw initial improvements in the first few sessions, my memory and speech were better."
    Fighter Terry Norris HPN Neurologic
    Terry Wayne Norris
    Retired American Boxer and Four-Time World Champion
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Make a difference.

Significantly help your patients while increasing the revenues of your practice!

Become An HPN Clinician

At HPN Neurologic we know you want to feel like work means something, you’re making a difference and you’re changing the world for the better. The new HPN Neurologic clinician possesses the compassionate spirit of a caregiver and business owner. Most of all, they share a single mission in life: to help people improve the quality of their life.

HPN practitioners have chosen to add our technology to their existing practices as a new profit center. Practitioners are at the same time expanding their range of clients, generating more income and having a powerful new tool that can make a dramatic difference to their clients.

High Performance Neurofeedback DeviceThe HPN Neurologic Turn Key Provider Program includes all of the hardware, software, training and support needed to begin helping clients almost right away. In addition, continuing support includes 24/7 technical assistance any weekday from 7am-7pm EST, at your convenience, from wherever you are in the world our technical staff will respond to you immediately and take care of any servicing that you need.
HPN Neurologic offers multiple ways you can learn.  Through Free live trainings, special topics webinars and free webinars for both new and experienced practitioners. HPN Neurologic offers group trainings as well as one-on-one consults. Contact our office today for more information!
So much of the system is automated that a new practitioner can begin seeing clients after only a 3-day training.
Effectiveness: There is no system more effective and the results more enduring than HPN. Clinical results have been so impressive that Clinical Trial Studies with HPN for the treatment of CTE/TBI traumatic brain injury with former Retired NFL players, Retired Navy SEALs and Retired Marines determined to have the symptoms of CTE/TBI/PTSD have now begun using HPN High Performance Neurofeedback.

HPN Neurologic 100% Financing Program, Training, Support, and Research is Always Included, Outside Services Available and Ready.

HPN and the Quest for New Streams of Revenue.

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An emerging legacy of the National Football League is the generation of retired players with traumatic brain Injury (TBI). Accordingly, there is a critical need to develop treatments to reduce the morbidity associated with TBI sustained by the retired NFL players during their playing careers. One treatment device that has made a positive difference is High Performance Neurofeedback.

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